New York City is… wait where were we?

D A Y  •  O N E  •  C O N T I N U E D

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In my last post, I paused at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I felt that the next landmark we visited had to almost have a post all to itself.

The Top of the Rock. Rockefeller Center. This “city within a city” is the home to the Christmas Tree tradition, Radio City Music Hall, and years of New York and American history stemming from the Great Depression.

When we reached the “Top of the Rock“, as many do, we may have turned it into an opportunity for some cute photos. How could we not do that – with the beautiful, unobstructed views of Manhattan surrounding us? New York City seems huge, of course. But when you get to the top of one of the tallest buildings, and begin to think about the hundreds, of people that work on every floor of the other skyscrapers around you – it’s amazing. So many people, in one city, each living a different story, on a different timeline, with a different dream.

The most memorable part of the day, was when we were on our way towards the ground floor. Have you ever heard of flossing? I’m not referring to kind of flossing that the dentist is always telling patients to keep up with better. A dance move from a kid on Instagram went viral when Katy Perry featured him on Saturday Night Live. After said dance move was brought up in conversation, while we were standing in line to get on the elevator, my sisters took it upon themselves to teach our dad how to floss. (Yes, I’m referring to the man that is in the above picture, posing with a sculpture of wings.)

Oh boy.

There was a group of kids (maybe freshmen or sophomores in high school) standing in front of us in line. As soon as my sisters began teaching our dad “how to floss”, they joined in and started doing it too. Soon enough, my dad was flossing at the Top of the Rock with a bunch of high school kids. And right before we stepped into the elevator to ride to the ground floor, my dad received a round of applause from the quite large crowd that had gathered behind us. It was only slightly mortifying – but also a really fun moment to remember.

Some of these moments with family are annoying, and yes – embarrassing, but ultimately it’s family. I can’t wait to look back on this day, and this moment, and remember how cool it was to share this with my parents and two of my younger sisters. And the 30+ additional tourists at the Top of the Rockefeller Center.

to be continued


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