D A Y • T H R E E

Saturday started off different than Thursday or Friday. I met my sisters at Madison Avenue’s Ladurée. There is a significant history behind this company and their macaroons, directly relating to my name and its unique French spelling, “Madeleine“. Its original location, opened by Louis Ernest Ladurée and located at 16 rue Royale, is in the Madeleine neighborhood of Paris. From its creation in 1862, to the fire that burnt the bakery down in 1871, to Ladurée’s grandson, Pierre Desfontaines, creating the macaroon, to the company’s new growth since 1993, Ladurée has always been in the business of macaroons.

After we ate macaroons to our hearts content, we walked a few blocks over towards Central Park. Yes, I know we were there yesterday, but keep in mind, Central Park is huge. It covers over 840 acres of land. The day was beautiful and it was definitely worth walking around a little bit. Though it was hot, so we had to make several stops at hot dog stands for water.

On the way, we stopped at 5th Avenue. My sisters had even this on the agenda, not particularly because we could afford much of anything on 5th, but definitely for the experience. My youngest sister actually did purchase a pair of Quay sunglasses from Bloomingdales, as she had just broken her previous pair. It was definitely hard to pull me away from Tiffany & Co., Chanel, and Lonchamp without purchasing anything. I wouldn’t say I’m a “materialistic” person, because I usually go for the best deal when I’m shopping, but I do have a few favorites. To be honest, in the photos above, I’m wearing a few of them, such as Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel, a Tiffany & Co. infinity pendant from my grandmother, and my Longchamp Le Pliage backpack which was the most wonderful thing to happen to me on this NYC trip. What was in my backpack that made it so wonderful? Well, I actually wrote a post about it.

After our 5th Ave. window-shopping spree, we made our way to Greenwich to meet up with our sister for dinner and a walk around Washington Square Park.

to be continued


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