D A Y • T H R E E

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Walking from 5th Avenue towards where planned to meet our sister was going to be pretty impossible to do quickly, since we needed to get from the Upper East Side to Greenwich Village.  The views towards the subway were pretty beautiful though. One of my favorite parts about New York City that I just can’t get enough of is its history, and the beautiful buildings that have been homes to different storefronts, offices, hotels, etc. There’s always something new to see around each corner, and that never gets old.

There was a little symbolism behind the shirt I chose for this day in New York. Did you check out my last post to see what I was wearing Saturday morning for a hint? If not, here’s another one: it had to do with our next stop – 90 Bedford St. New York, NY. Okay, okay. I’ll be there for you with the real reason, because you’re probably over the hints. Please don’t stop reading, I promise this is The One With the answer on where we went next.

At the corner of Bedford and Grove is Monica Geller’s Apartment from the show, Friends. I was not allowed to watch this show when I was younger, but as soon as the show came to Netflix, I binged all of it. It’s one of my favorite shows to watch, and I actually have a 24″x36″ black and white, framed poster of the cast in my house. My sisters and I posed for a picture in front of the building, and soon enough we were asking each other what was for dinner. We didn’t know where to go, so we walked around Greenwich looking for something that caught our eyes.

My sister said that Greenwich was one of her favorite areas while living in New York. and I could tell why. There was a lot more greenery and it was filled with homes, boutiques, and some amazing restaurants. The people were a little friendlier and more approachable while we were touring. We stopped at a restaurant that had vegan and gluten-free options, and we sat outside. It was the most perfect weather and I’m so glad we did. Since my sister is vegan and I’m gluten-free (yes, the noodles below were gluten-free), it was the perfect place for us to all have dinner – and they had sangria.

After dinner, we walked to another well-known landmark – Washington Square Park. There’s a lot of history with this park and the Washington Square Arch, which is probably what most thing about when they hear “Washington Square”. There are statues for notable Americans such as George Washington himself, and the original arch to the park was built in celebration of the centennial of his inauguration to the presidency. We spent some time in the fountain, as other tourists did, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

It was a lot of fun. We were going to have to say goodbye to our sister, as she had an early day on Sunday, but first dad let us stop by a place called DŌ. Talk about the best dessert ever. The Founder/Owner/CEO of DŌ, Kristen Tomlan, is actually from St. Louis (as I am); it was cool to see another St. Louisan’s success in such a visual way.

We parted ways with my sister, and made our way to Times Square for a final touristy destination. I genuinely could not believe how many people were there. How could so many people be in one place at one time? It was a little overwhelming. But I loved the lights and the movement and the color.

We bought a few souvenirs from a gift shop, an NYPD shirt for myself included, drank our weight in water because we all realized how dehydrated we were, and called it a night.


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