Altruism is defined as a selfless concern for the well-being of others. It is a virtue just as humility, love, and kindness. The pineapple is the international symbol for hospitality. I believe in order to be hospitable, you must be altruistic. That’s where the name of this blog comes from – but it won’t just be limited to altruism, pineapples, or hospitality.

In my very first post, I introduced what brought me to begin writing. I’m not exactly sure in what direction this blog will go, but I know I will make it a success. My success is relative and defined by only me, and I’m taking my loves of creativity, writing, and southern hospitality with me while I achieve it.

I’m just a mid-20s girl from the midwest, living in the south, with no idea what’s next for her. I’ve had heartbreak and loss, but a lot of love as well. I plan events for a living, and every day is different. I have three younger sisters, a large extended family, and a dog named Marley who is a huge part of my life – and spoiled rotten.

MC FAY 2017



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